Lavender, the plant with an enchanting color and fragrance

I like finding inspiration in the most unexpected places, it surprises me all the time. A bit like what happened for the collection of Northern countries, born watching Frozen with Emma! 

Last month I visited the farm La Vela nell'Orto, close to my Sirolo, which grows wild herbs, aromatic herbs, products of the Marche region, olives, saffron and collects wild fruits of the forest, with biological practice. I visited their fields and I came across an expanse of lavender: the first time I set foot there I already decided that I would go back with my shoes, inspired by that expanse of color irresistible to me. 

I've created a collection of lavender-inspired shoes, which I want to tell you about in this article. 

Lavender: a medicinal plant with beneficial properties 

Lavender (Lavandula officinalis) is a medicinal plant typical of the Mediterranean basin. It grows spontaneously in mountainous areas and is cultivated both for the beauty of its flowers and for their particular scent. Considering that given its beauty it is often used to decorate houses and gardens, we might think that its properties are only ornamental and aesthetic, but this plant has many others. 

From lavender it is possible to obtain an essential oil that exerts a rebalancing action of the central nervous system, being at the same time tonic is sedative; calms anxiety, agitation, nervousness; relieves headaches and ailments caused by stress; helps you fall asleep in case of insomnia.

In fact, it has analgesic, antiseptic and antibiotic properties. Lavender essential oil is also able to relieve muscle pain, has a diuretic and healing properties, just a few drops are enough to get relief in case of cuts, wounds, insect and jellyfish bites.

In addition, it is an excellent remedy valid in the treatment of all colds: flu, cough, cold, sinusitis, phlegm.

Last but not least, with the fragrant lavender flowers it is possible to make many DIY bags with which to perfume wardrobes and drawers. How to do? After collecting them just leave them dry in the sun. For the more experienced, it is also possible to make delicate soap bars with lavender flowers.

I asked Eva, a collaborator of the La Vela nell'Orto farm, to tell me about this plant. 

“The silvery color of its leaves does not immediately catch the eye but when it blooms the purple-blue of its spikes stands out in the midst of the green. Flowering lavender is an elegant and distinguished lady. It is linked to Mercury, whose teaching is to learn to be mobile like air, to be able to convey to others one's inner world, one's ideas without becoming victims of patterns and fears. 

In summer, at the moment of its maximum flowering, lavender attracts insects and butterflies that dance around its flowers. From the observation of these colorful flights the nature of the lavender personality emerges: sociability, imagination, kindness, the ability to live with carefree, balancing the mental with the emotional. 

Lavender already perfumed the Roman baths and women put it in wardrobes and beds to avoid outbursts of anger. In the Middle Ages, lavender was widely used against plague epidemics, they are a form of fumigation.

Lavender essential oil is the remedy for states of anxiety and insomnia, irritability and manifestations related to stress. It can be used olfactory and in massage. "

The shoes inspired by Lavender

Visiting the lavender fields was an emotion that inspired me, this color remained in my eyes, as it had already been in my head for a while combined with the other colors that color these new shoes. Periwinkle, water, green, purple: soft and tenacious nuances together, which together acquire energy and brightness. 

She is the Anita. You already know it in other versions: now it is tinged with lavender and water, a delicate combination, one of my favorites. Anita is the high sandal inspired by the dancers of the early twentieth century. Wide and stable heel to make this shoe really comfortable. Tell me it doesn't just happen to me: don't you think you smell lavender just looking at it?

Instead she is Kary: closed heel, semi-open toe, strap and go, to run anywhere without worries! It is a low, comfortable and very light shoe, which does not force you to have an uncovered toe. I found it perfect especially when I was cycling through the streets of Bologna. Kary has a super power: she adapts to any occasion. Sober and elegant for more serious combinations, bright and informal with a less demanding combination. 

I have already told you how much the figure of the tightrope walker fascinates me. Years ago I came across a black and white photo of a man who, wearing a black overalls, was walking on a cable suspended more than 400 meters high. It was Philip Petit, the man of the air, who was accomplishing his most famous feat: moving from one tower to another of the World Trade Center in New York. 

This mythological being, poised and always concentrated, perfectly balanced step by step, had caught my attention. Maybe because I too have always been a bit like him, I learned to walk in the clouds holding my balance tightly. 

I dedicated a shoe to this figure, the tightrope walker, this is its Lavender version. Sage green strap, upper in "check" patterned raffia fabric and periwinkle inserts: certainly a shoe that does not go unnoticed, while remaining sober and delicate.

Finally, I show you the Anna lavender, the ideal model to wear every day on hot summer days, comfortable, versatile, even refined, it is ideal both for going to work and for special events. On our e-commerce site you will only see one issue, but by popular demand they are back in production! Feel free to write to me privately if you are already sure you want to buy it.

The materials of this small collection are simple, in pastel colors, plain or patterned.

In general I preferred to start from the smooth and naked material, like for the Anita or the Kary. Or I have chosen to make the upper with a more complex fabric, such as the raffia of the Funambolo, which remains smooth only in the inserts. 

I had a lot of fun making this little collection and now a strange thing happens to me. Every time I see a lavender field I remember my shoes, but the opposite also happens! When I put on my shoes, the scented expanses of lavender come to mind, and there is nothing more beautiful than always carrying them with me.

Before I leave you, there is a little surprise for you.

Anyone who orders a shoe between today and Monday 5 July will receive a gift. A bag of lavender carefully packaged by Eva and Daniela de La Vela nell'Orto: the lavender comes right from their fields. 
How to receive it? Just enter the code LAVANDA21# at the time of purchase. 

I would very much like to know what you think. write to and tell me your impressions!