Is the fit regular?
Yes, the fit is regular and very comfortable.

If I order online but the shoe doesn't fit or I’ve changed my mind, what can I do?
Yes, you can request a different color, another type of leather or the addition of some accessories. This service provides a 30% surcharge on the price.

Is it possible to request customisations of a model?
Sì, puoi richiedere un altro colore, un altro pellame o l’aggiunta di qualche accessorio. Questo servizio prevede una maggiorazione sul prezzo del 30%.

Can the heel be raised or lowered?
No. The shoe has its own structure and this cannot be modified or altered, except by a few millimeters.

How can I clean my shoes?
We advise you to buy a neutral shoe cream, perhaps trying it first on a hidden part of the shoe, because if the cream is too greasy you could ruin it. Once the cream is dry, brush it with an old woolen cloth to polish it.

Can I come directly to the factory?
No, our factory it’s not a showroom but a laboratory. By appointment, we can arrange a meeting if you want a model customization.