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Have you already set your eyes on that shoe that would be perfect for you, but still have doubts about which size to choose? Take a look at the chart below and follow our directions to make sure you order the right size!

Buying a shoe online without trying it on is not always easy, that's why we have created a size guide, to allow you to choose the right size with certainty.

The fit of our shoes is regular. For example, if you usually wear size 36 you can always choose 36.

Below you can find a general table where the correspondences between the foot measurements and our sizes are indicated, studied on the basis of the different shapes of the models.

You will notice that the measurements are not accurate, but we have tried to make your choice easier by suggesting the size to choose based on the size of your foot.

It is important to measure your foot well. How? Is simple. Take a blank sheet of paper, place the sole of the foot on it and mark with a pencil the exact point that coincides with the tip of the longest toe and that of your heel. Measure the distance between the two and check the correspondence in the table.

Pay attention: the measure shown is that of the insole. When buying your shoe, therefore, consider a couple of millimeters more and you will be sure that you have made the right choice. I also remind you that under each product, in the shop, you can find the "Additional information" tab in which we have reported the measurements of the plant for each model.

22.4-23.1 CM 35 2 5
23.2-23.5 CM 36 3 6
23.5-23.8 CM 36,5 3,5 6,5
23.9-24.2 CM 37 4 7
24.2-24.5 CM 37,5 4,5 7,5
24.6-24.9 CM 38 5 8
24.9-25.1 CM 38,5 5,5 8,5
25.2-25.5 CM 39 6 9
25.5-25.8 CM 39,5 6,5 9,5
25.9-26.5 CM 40 7 10
26.6-27.2 CM 41 8 11

* Not all models have half sizes, in that case we advise you to choose one size up.
For example, if your measurements correspond to a 37.5 which however is not present in that model, we advise you to choose the 38.

Still not sure?
You can contact us for more information or advice on choosing the correct size!
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