Oxford shoes, how to match them

Between a woman's shoes,the broguesrepresent the ones that should never be missing. These shoes "stolen" from the man's wardrobe are extremely versatile, elegant and at the same time casual based on the combination.indispensable.

But do you know what is the difference between a Frenchie and a derby? And why are they called that exactly? But above all… how can we combine them according to our style?


Francesine, derby, Oxford ... stop everyone, let's clarify our ideas!

Let's do some order. The name of the shoes often derives from how they are made. In general thebrogues or Oxfordare shoes with laces and laces characterized by the masksewn onthe gambits, with a rounded tip.

For"Frenchwoman"we mean, therefore, the lace-up shoe with a slight neckline on the ankle that embraces the instep, often with a heel, and represent the female version of the men's lace-up shoe. If present in your wardrobe, they will often come to your aid when you need to be comfortable but at the same time be feminine and elegant.

However, despite the name, the Oxford shoes were born in England and spread around the 19th century, in particular in Scotland and Ireland.as a male model,only later worn by women. Widespread then in France in the period before the revolution as footwear for bridesmaids and commoners, starting from the 30s of the twentieth century they began to be worn consciously by women, who make the style ofgarçona means to express a new idea of femininity, strong and decisive but also sparkling and impertinent. At the turn of the 40s and 50s, the brogues will be consecrated to all intents and purposes as women's shoes.

ThereDerbyinstead it differs from the French one for the stitching of the mask that is madeunder the gambits, which makes it more sporty and informal.

How to match the brogues?

The beauty of this model of footwear is theversatility. They can be combined with different outfits, both during the day and in the evening, and there are many different models: high, low, medium heel, in leather, in suede, etc.

The most classic brogues are certainly thoseLeather, but based on the creativity of those who create them (and you know our products well) you can find them in all colors, literally!

The low modelit is truly a comfort both in winter and in summer, perfect if you love the casual style. Consider that thewomen's broguesthey are not only combined with trousers, but also with Bermuda shorts, shorts, skirts, long dresses and minidresses.

As regards thehigh brogues, there are different types, from those with plateau and high heel to the more classic with medium and wide heel. The latter are perfect for the day, for a romantic and slightly vintage look, combined with a midi skirt or dress.

The low model, on the other hand, is the one closest to his masculine origins, easily combined with tight cigarette trousers and an oversized shirt, but also surprising under a skirt with an imaginative and lively print. Both with and without heels they can also be combined with trousers - capri pants and a sock with an irreverent fantasy!


Another very interesting look is the one frompreppy style,or the "college fashion" so popular in London. Slightly ripped shirt, high-waisted Bermuda shorts or A-line skirt tight at the waist elow brogues.

If you love jeans, know that they also go well with flat lace-up shoes, perhaps adding a nice t-shirt and a blazer. Do not underestimate the longuette or midi skirt, perhaps with a strong contrast of materials, colors and patterns. Such a mannish style shoe also matches perfectly withfull skirtsand aiskater dress with high waist,perhaps with a patterned tights in such a way as to make the clean cut at the ankle a little softer. Also think of a short dress with a floral and colorful print, a monochrome cardigan and a Parisian stocking to complete it all together with your brogues!

If you are looking for the right look even for the evening, low brogues can still be for you. In their simplicity, it combines garments with a particular design, an unusual cut, and unusual volumes.


In short, with such a versatile shoe you can solve all your moments of matching crisis, according to the occasions. Our little advice is certainly not to be afraid to "dare", especially in summer, perhaps opting for a more sober outfit and a colorful shoe with an irresistible fantasy. Don't forget: first of all they must be comfortable! The beauty of this model is precisely the possibility of being comfortable and at ease on any occasion, and a quality shoe will allow you to get to the end of the day (even the most demanding one) with your foot still in excellent shape!