Fashion and accessories, the trends for 2020

We are about to say goodbye to this 2019 and we are already thinking about the new year. You know, especially we women can never stand still!

Between a toast and the other I took a look at the new trends for 2020 and I was pleasantly surprised. For the first time in years, fashion seems to suit my tastes! The advice and trends come from the catwalks or from the fashion gurus, but as always we will decline them in our own way.

Let's see together what awaits us.

Comfortable at last

Good news for me that I'm not exactly someone who likes to run in heels. It seems that this year's fashion will come to meet me and it will be super easy and very comfortable. There is a wide choice of shoes for this winter, from the most romantic to bon ton, from sandals to high leather boots. There are really an infinity of them. An important role will be entrusted to the Mary Janes, to bring back that slightly vintage chic flavor.

Check, tartan and houndstooth

The fabrics I love the most, which this year appear practically everywhere: skirts, trousers, blouses, dresses, jackets.

They are re-proposed in several variations. In street style versions, perhaps with a skirt and a simple T-shirt, or in a more elegant version with high-waisted black trousers and short tartan jacket.

The pied de polule is a winter fabric that over the years has become synonymous with elegance, thanks to Coco Chanel who was madly in love with it. A pleated dress or skirt in this fabric cannot be missing, not only in the classic black and white version.

Animalier also in 2020

The animalier trend has accompanied us throughout 2019 and it seems to have no intention of abandoning us.

If you bought a spotted coat, a dress or even a Scarpetta 😀 , know that you will wear them again next winter. Not only leopard however, we also love the zebra.

The colors of 2020

The very bright green, almost fluorescent will be one of the colors that we will find more often. I have included many variations of green, with the exception of fluorescent green, in my collection inspired by the Sibyl and the Sibillini mountains. The colors must have a meaning, the green Elf of the new Gioia is the testimony of this.

Orange and neutral colors will then accompany the whole, in a color palette that is more reminiscent of the autumn we left behind. Accompanying them here and there, lilac, plum and powder make their appearance.


Boho-chic, finally!

We had perceived it was coming, 2020 made it a reality! The Boho style will conquer everyone, with fluttering floral dresses, layered fabrics, laces and jangling bijoux. This style that mixes the most different cultures allows you to have a very distinctive style and be lucky enough to always be comfortable.

Even for the wedding dresses, specially Boho lines have been created and the results (in my opinion) are wonderful.

We come to us, the shoes of the new year.

In 2020 the essentials in your wardrobe will always be boots and ankle boots. You will only take them off in the summer (maybe even not). They are among the most loved shoes, a combination of refinement and energy to feel gritty and feminine in any context.

This year even the most acclaimed designers have had fun making them in many different colors, some even very bright.

After years spent in a box in the attic, platform shoes and wedges are back, thanks to the renewed passion of the designers for 70s fashion. The heel will also be wide and very stable, maybe it will be noticed for the color or for the different material from the rest of the shoe, but it will certainly not give up comfort for a simple aesthetic factor. Décolleté and Mary Jane will be your precious style allies. Feminine and elegant, they manage to embellish even a simple jeans. Among the details that cannot be given up, the ankle strap.

Among the flat shoes, the ballet flats and slippers will be the masters. Finally the world has understood that even if man doesn't like them (in most cases), we love them. To these are also added the moccasins, because we really like stealing from men's closets.

I'd like to know what you think, also because I'm struggling with the spring-summer 2020 collection. Write me at and tell me what you like.