Reflections of a craftswoman at the time of the quarantine

I think it is inevitable these days not to venture into inner reflections. This forced quarantine forced us to stand there, in front of the mirror, and reflect on everything we are and what we do, and what we don't do now.
The key word is CHANGE, the ability to accept a new - imposed - condition and adapt to it. Become fluid and learn to change our habits, re-balance our equilibrium.
The virus, which is not clear whether alive or not, remains a strange evil entity for us, is upsetting our lives.

There are several hypotheses about its origin: from economic wars between states to laboratory horrors, up to the most probable interaction between wild animals and man. In that case, the virus seems to have used us naive human beings as buses, to get anywhere. Man's fault, which upsets the natural balance.

This tiny particle our habits are changing and our "unbalanced balance" within our innermost sphere and towards the other inhabitants of the Earth.
We are reassuring each other by saying "everything will be fine"; sure, i hope so, but i feel it will be difficult.

I am the first to find it hard to understand how to change now and how to return to normal life, knowing that our balance is so fragile that it takes very little to change us and our environment. I am aware that I will have to do it, but to date I certainly do not have the answer as to how.

The comparisons on ecology with my partner, the dialogues with friends and clients are not lacking, they support me in moments of discouragement and make me reflect; However, at this moment I continue to be strongly torn between the need to carry out the plans of my company and the request to have other people work to deliver my creations. Shoes that allow me to express myself, my employees and their families to live, you to meet exactly what you are looking for, that extra "something" that makes you feel loved, as well as my brother and me to contribute to sustenance of our families.

Then I stop and look outside, read the newspapers online and see that the air is cleaner, we have cut down on pollution, I bake bread at home and play with my children. Let's get all the aspects then!

The opportunities that arise even in the half-empty glass: we reflect, savor the time, limit smartphones and sometimes find a new balance, thinking that maybe everything will be fine, because we will be able to adapt and learn from this event. Although, perhaps, everything will not return to the way it was before.
We will change, we will adapt to this new life, we will know how to appreciate the little moments we have taken for granted. AND we will flourish again, like this Spring that has just arrived.