What is it like to be a craftsman today?

When you think about a craftsman, what comes to your mind? Maybe someone who’s inside his badly lit workshop, sitting hunched over his ancient tools, and perhaps he is elderly too?

This is all a cliché, a stereotype far from reality. Today there is a new generation of artisans with clear ideas, people who have collected the knowledge of their families or even started from scratch, with the idea of embarking on new paths, not imitating past ones.

Today's craftsman works to create a revolution. With his work he becomes the spokesperson for a new idea of consumption, an innovative vision of which he is the protagonist.

What are the key points of our “revolution”?

Our production

It all starts from the production. We create products in limited series, with high quality materials that come from the great fashion industry. Companies often "get rid" of material only because it is now available in small quantities, or perhaps because it is time to plan the new season. I have chosen to recover these leftovers and make them our strength: once that series is over, the same shoe will no longer be reproduced. You will find the same model, but with different leathers and materials.

Our collections

Every year I prepare a new collection, improving existing products and imagining others that solve recurring problems. What all my products have in common, however, is the design. The anatomical study phase is the basis for any of our products that you’ll find available in our stores, bringing beauty and benefit to you –but mainly, to your feet-.

A poor quality shoe that has not been well projected can, in fact, damage the health of your feet, back and joints.

Our distribution

I have chosen to sell only within my stores, eliminating any intermediary. The shoe you see comes to you at the right price, all year round. I started producing with only one goal: to sell an artisan product at an affordable price. Several times I have been asked to inflate the prices and then propose discounts, but I choose not to tell you lies. The final price is what allows me to make my business sustainable and for you to buy a unique product that reflects your way of being.

Go big or go home! When you enter an artisan workshop: ask for changes, customisations, products to be made together. I don't impose my taste on you, but I'm happy to let you participate in the creation of my products.